Crafting with Kids - Is it all Pintrest & Light?

Also known as crafting with miniature idiots.
Although the adult setting about doing the task with the miniature idiot is also pretty much a big idiot for even thinking that this is going to go smoothly.
Here's a little of my crafting history...
Before Christmas I decided I was going to make Christmas gifts - cookies, decorations, chocolates, all in decorated cute packaging.
Obviously I was delusional and abandoned that idea at conception - with a newborn and a toddler I was lucky enough to be able to make a cup of tea. Hence vouchers were purchased as Christmas gifts (like money, only shitter).
Last week I thought it would be a 'lovely' idea to make some hand impressions with Bobcat. Its was half term - this is what you do in half term, right?

Postnatal Fashion: 16 Tips To Bring Out Your Lando

I was pondering postnatal fashion this week after I achieved my personal best record of wearing the same outfit 3 days in a row (bar underwear, I am not a 15 year old boy trying to prove how crusty I can get). Achieved only through my new found grooming habit of walking past mirrors very fast (giving the pretence of a sleek blur) and because Preschool is out for half term, I no longer have to keep up the façade that I change my clothes daily.

Obviously, now you're all wondering how I maintain both my fashion prowess and nonchalant attitude to postnatal fashion? And what do I mean by bringing out your Lando?

How to Avoid a Gobfull of Calpol in the Face...and Other Useful Medication Administration Tricks #SpoonfulOfSugar

Well my weekend has been spent role playing (to my utter disgust) Frozen with First Born. Complete utter disgust as I am actually starting to like the film and I'm trying to convince myself it's just because I'm genuinely interested in the interior décor of Elsa's ice palace and her amazing Real Housewives style makeover as she goes all ice bitch (complete with sexy strut and possible boob job). It just hits my love of reality TV buttons.
First Born has taken to dressing up in dresses. Specifically the blue one. Just like Elsa. He looks very pretty in it, and the instructs me to role-play Frozen Scenes while he goes about his usual business - ramming cars off the table, scoffing kinder bars and torturing his brother. I admire his resolve to just wear a dress and get on with normal shit, like a true cross dresser.
However Bobcat (el bambino, second born), has been feeling crappy after his jabs, which means I'm now sporting a beard of generic Calpol equivalent (alongside my normal beard after tweezing neglect since Bobcat arrived) after being peppered with the babyspit laden sticky stuff.

So, if your kid is poorly and if you have kids like me, you have to outsmart the little unreasonable buggers into taking something to make them feel better. And then you inevitably then catch whatever illness they had a week afterwards, and come down all man-flu and ridden with guilt that maybe you should of given them a bit of paracetamol because actually it is a bit shit this feeling ill malarkey, then, also like me, you're going to have to dose them up and face the toddler/baby Calpol-in-face-fest, that is giving medication. Woah, that was a long sentence.