Doctomum's Sussex Days Out: Egg Hunt at The National Cat Centre

In this new regular segment 'Doctomum's Sussex Days Out', the sprogs and I will be bringing you days out in our locality of lovely Sussex.
This week we face two weeks of Easter school holidays - this means no pre-school and lots of children/parents around looking for something to do. The swimming pools are chocka with children, and the holiday clubs cater for school age kids - we went on the hunt for some Easter pre-school fun.
Today we frequented the National Cat Centre (NCC), part of the Cat Protection League.
Cats, chocolate, herding a toddler round at egg hunt - what more could you want out of a day out?
Well, cake, it had cake too and a cup of tea. Sold yet?

About the National Cat Centre:

Firstborn putting on his best adoption face

Not in the Brochure: Secret Family Holiday Joys

We just returned from family holiday at a well know family resort. You know the kind of place where people carriers roll in on mass on a Monday then cart off screaming kids desperate for their pool fix on the Friday. A place where you get your own piece of woodland tranquillity whilst sharing a patio with the wildlife and next door's wandering toddler.

Patio ducks trashing the Bistro set after too many Stellas down the pond.

Now as I enjoy the aftermath of going on a family holiday - the 4th load of washing in the machine and rationing the toddler's blue milk for adult use (tea) - or rather, avoid all that and write a post about the other things to take a bit of pleasure in from family holidays. The ones that aren't advertised in the holiday brochures (or in the Facebook statuses).

You have to take pleasure in something after a hellish week with your own genetic line.

#1: People Carrier Pride

Never will you feel more of the cool 'in crowd' when you roll up - windows down, kids screaming for the loo and more sugar with nursery rhymes pumping out- than when you arrive at a family resort. See the line of like minded families in people carriers (also know as 'your old life has died hearses'), adorned with spinning wheeled bicycles, baby on board signs, with sweaty gritted teethed parents at the helm and duvets twisted baby gyms in the back.

You are in great company. The ONLY place where the sensible car choice is cool. Those with hatchbacks are only looking at your car beast with envy. If you have a people hearse with slidey back doors, you are the royalty of the holiday park.

10 Passive-Aggressive Ways To Hint At a Mothers' Day Gift

....or any gift receiving occasion for that matter - Birthdays, Christmas or Bat mitzvahs. I'm not picky.

Now, it's not all about what the gift for me. I'm not that grabby grabby...but just something, a thought for example, that would count. Or a card.
A hand made one with a little hand print would be nice, but I am grateful for a battered one from the Spar failing that.
And for a gift?
Just something the kids picked out (randomly pointed out in la supermache), something they drew or stuck together? I would love a nice pub lunch...well on second thoughts, maybe just the Harvester with the soft play areas and sticky tables. No more fine dining when you have tiny savages.

Here's some ways for the passive-aggressive amongst us  (the non confrontational, yet a bit miffed we get nought compared to the astounding Facebook 'the boy done good' type posts) and ways to hint for your significant other to buy a card.
Let's face it, we can't trust the kids to do it. The task to select the correct gift or make it (unlikely) falls on the significant other. Or the child minder (but the child minder normally possesses forethought).
I'm sorry to say it guys and gals. Sometimes mothers' day gifts suck.
It's OK, I'm equally as shit at selecting gifts for my husband - see valentines card at bottom of post (this appears to be how we roll in this house).
So, here are the 10 ways:

#1: Classic loo fodder:

Everyone likes a little read in the loo. Also they can't escape for at least 3 minutes until they are 'hygienically' finished, so scatter a mag with said preferred item at correct poop leaning over eye level position.
Draw ginormous black felt marker around what you want and adorn with arrows. You do not want bumper pack of Tena on opposite page (you may need it, but not as a gift). Hide the felt tip again. You do not want those pesky kids finding it and drawing tashes on each other.

Doctomum's Guide To...Soggy Souls (Babies with Reflux)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your baby groan like a Wimbledon tennis player on heat when laid flat at night time?

  • Do you have  have to change your baby's clothes (or your own) not because of poo-narmis but because of vom-narmis?

  • Do you either load the washing machine daily with acidic vomit laden clothes or have a wash basket full of crusty milk dribble bibs? (Each of the previous questions depends on how much you can be bothered to launder).
If you answer yes to one of these, your baby may have reflux. Gastro-oesophageal reflux to be precise. Yes, I know, a crude way to diagnose, but here comes the (semi) science bit.

If Toddlers Did Reviews: My New Ride

Blog post by Firstborn, a 2.5 year old rampaging toddler.
Firstborn brings reviews straight from the toddlers mouth (via his Mum's interpretation) and know what toddlers like (red things, to be precise). #HonestReviews #ToddlerRules

Firstborn is well known for his first book 'The Seven Secrets of Successful Poop Concealment: Toddler Edition''.
He is currently working on his second book, titled:  'How to Ride a Giant Inflatable Bunny on Your Baby Brother for Kicks: THE Guide to Attention Seeking After a Newborn Sibling*

*totally fictitious book titles.

This Week, First Born Reviews: Little Tikes Cozy Coupe: