50 Things that Make me Happy

I was tagged by the loveliest Cuddlefairy to write this (here are her 50 things).

Sure fire happiness: Baby snuggles & toddler giggles

And if you're interested - let's face it, you go to the second sentence so you owe it to yourself to read on - here's my 50 things that make me happy in no particular order (NB: I take pleasure in the random things):

  1. When KFC get my order right (doesn't happen often).
  2. Chablis.
  3. Group synchronised naptime (with no snoring).
  4. That momentary feeling when you get an email from the national lottery that they 'have an exciting message' for you (momentary when I realise 5 numbers earned me £2.50).
  5. A good old fashioned banter filled text chat with a friend.
  6. Getting post.
  7. Getting blogposts featured - yay validation!
  8. Having random chats with nice folk who buy my crap off Gumtree. I have met some genuinely nice people and had some good proper chats (NB: shows I do not get out enough).
  9. My son's new found toilet humour - It's all about the willies & the poo.
  10. Baby snuggles.
  11. Baby giggles.
  12. Toddler induced baby giggles.
  13. When first born says he loves me.
  14. Oxytocin feeding high - The best natural high.
  15. Remembering to use advantage card vouchers rather than them clogging up the zip in my purse
  16. Sunshine.
  17. Snow.
  18. Contradiction.
  19. Nice nails (rare these days).
  20. The extra 400 calories you can have when breastfeeding (yes, I will go large with that).
  21. Staying in the same area for a few years (us docs have to move a lot - it's nice to make & keep friends).
  22. Making some good NCT buddies.
  23. Keeping the NCT buddies.
  24. A nice pub lunch.
  25. Cold cider on a hot day.
  26. Mulled wine on a winters day.
  27. Nice people.
  28. A nice hearty laugh between the other half and myself.
  29. A pleasant car journey - think rolling countryside, peeping seaviews amd top tunes on the radio.
  30. When the other half says I'm right (again rare).
  31. When a Groupon voucher works out.
  32. Enjoying all those childish trips that you get to do 'for the kids' but its really for me.
  33. Flattering changing room mirrors.
  34. Finding that one lovely photo I've managed to take (put of all the ones looking the wrong way and blurry).
  35. Bumping into an old friend and reminiscing.
  36. When someone compliments that new dress I just wasn't sure about.
  37. When an old song is played on the radio and I get a vintage memory with it.
  38. Spontaneous hugs and kisses from the kids.
  39. Compliments.
  40. A good boxset, tucked up in bed and everything within arms reach.
  41. Spa days
  42. Finding a quid in that old coat pocket, especially when I'm hunting for one for the trolley.
  43. Christmas cheer.
  44. Christmas films.
  45. Generally Christmas.
  46. My sister actually becoming my friend as we get older (we were the similar/hate each other sibling pair when younger).
  47. Random cat strokings.
  48. Getting 'into' a programme. The last time this happened it was Hotel Babylon. It was a while ago.
  49. A new pair of Kurt Geiger's.
  50. When a patient thanks me.
Cuddlefairy was right, it's not all that hard...what are your 50 things that make you happy?
Anyone can join in but specifically I'll ask:
Jules at the Giggles Family Vlog because you have a giggly happy family and I wuvs ya.
Helena at Mother Inferior Blog because you can indulge your sentimental side.
Rachel at 10minutesspare because I'd love to know what makes a fellow doctor tick (got a good pun in that one).
Amy at 2boys1mum because you are a fellow sarcastic medical lady and you probably need a break from chickenpox.
Have a go guys when you can and let me know when you do so I can have a read,
Kerry @Doctomum

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  1. Having initially balked at the prospect of having to thing of 50 5-0 things that make me happy, I definitely agree with many of yours so maybe it won't be so hard. I like that I have become the sentimental blogger! I deffo need to write some more funnies ASAP! Read some of my older posts - I was funnier then! (But I know - sentimental is good too!).

    1. I know you are funny too, but you have the perfect mix of sentimental and funny. This week I will find some time to go through your back catalogue x

    2. The nits have driven all the sentiment out of me; declarations of war only from here on in!

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed reading all the things that make you happy. Thank you for taking part! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your kids are adorable!! :)

    1. Awww, thanks for inviting me (and for complimenting my kids)

  3. I just read this on one other blog and I love it. I think I will make my own list too :)

    1. Go for it! It does give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling.

  4. Ah such a lovely list! I found mine quite fun to write. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Yes, I enjoyed reading yours too, thanks for coming by from #thelist

  5. Aw this warms me heart it does!

    1. Nothing like having your cockles warmed. Glad I could oblige!

  6. It's official I am the worlds worst commenter. I've read your lovely list at least three times without letting you know properly how much I enjoyed it. Sorry & belated thanks for the tag. It was one of my favourite posts to write! I really enjoyed your fifty things and nodded in agreement with many. The one that sticks in my head the most when I'm typing now is 'toddler induced baby giggles' there's almost nothing cuter, makes me feel all happy just thinking about it! X

    1. Haha, do not worry! I expect you to have a life outside of blogging.
      I've been on the downlow too, obsessing over figures and childcare for a couple of weeks - as you will see from my newest post.
      Glad you enjoyed writing your own and reading this. I know it's not something either of us usually do but it was kinda worth it x