Travelling Without Kids Bucket List

As you will probably gauge from this post, I would like to holiday without my family
Without being ruled by nap time, without the fear of flying with ear popping crazed children, without having to eat my hotel room dinner of a packet of crisps in the dark with the tele sound down to barely audible.
I would like to relax with my husband like old times and experience the actual culture: Real food, real restaurants in the evening time, long sweaty journeys talking without interruption to play wheels on the bus, again, spontaneity and ultimately doing nothing.
And because I can't actually afford any holiday now due to having two in childcare (as you can see from this post), the only way to go is either develop the ability to teleport or enter a competition. I did the latter and you can too with the Transun bucket list competition (if you do, just remember to be gracious and let me win, cheers).
Now that you too are craving a holiday without the kids, here are the three places I would love to go (hint, hint)...



Seriously, who wouldn't? 
Now I've already planned this one out when I was pregnant with my first child as my own special way of nesting. Most people clean, I planned a holiday with a 4 week old baby. Of course I didn't actually go on holiday with a newborn (can you imagine the horror on all the honeymooners for that flight?), that was just the pregnancy craziness talking. But, I planned the monkeys out of it.
First stop 5 nights in Seminyak for some by the pool/on the beach catching up on books I should of read 3 years ago with breakfasts at 10am, lunches that turn into cocktail hour and dinners well into the night. I would of previously scoured the guide books to get the best out of it - the temple visits, the scenery, the hot springs. We would scoot about on motorbikes and rest up in our private villa in between all the fun.

Then off to Ubud to the treetop hotel, Hanging Gardens - a hotel built into the hillside. It needs no words, just look at it.
And never forgetting the spa, when in Rome, or in the case Bali, indulge in a real Balinese massage.

Total decadence.
But  I would also want to take a step back from the luxury to see the true people and beauty of the country. As medical students, we volunteered in Cambodia at Ankor Hospital for Children for a two months and I remember seeing the diversity of a boarded shack next to the sumptuous hotel. To this day, I'm always very conscious of the real picture behind the glossy holiday destination and Bali would be no different.

America Fly drive

For this one, lets go pimp my ride with a suped up Winnebago trailing a Thelma & Louise open top car behind. And if we are going Thelma & Louise then this should be a girls vacay (minus the boyfriend killing).
Now this would be more of a spontaneous tour of America spanning a few months. Years ago I had a colleague who planned a sabbatical doing just this and since then I have had a little bit of a lust for it. 
A lot of Americans do not leave their country to go on holiday as the country is so vastly different.
Take the Colorado mountains, San Fran's diversity, Miami Beaches with the hugely beefy men and the tiniest of rollerskating women, Vegas never sleeping, LA in all it's perfection, New York New York (so good you say it twice)...
New York
San Fran
....I would want to find out if those stereotypes I see (on Real housewives of...) are real, sample the delights of Man Vs. Food and park in a decent sized parking space for once.

Sweden - The Ice hotel and The Associated Shenanigans

Picture source:
Ice hotel, northern lights, cabins, hot spas, dog sledding, saunas, salmon...all of which I would love to sample. My husband would particularly like the Ice hotel as he can indulge his Game of Thrones 'North' fantasies.
But also I have a friend out there (who is Swedish, obviously) and she is like a one-woman migration advertisement for the country. She is adamant it is the best place on earth will not stop with how great it is: to work in, for family life, for culture. She says you cannot get a decent cup of tea but ho hum, I can bring some teabags in a sandwich bag.
I love a snow-hol too.
Oooh, it's magic, it is.

What's on your bucket list?


  1. Ha! I did travel Route 66 from California to Ohio. It was a quick trip I would love to do it again, but I would take Bali, hands down, and I hope that you win! Good luck, until then buy a box of Calgon, and let it take you away!

    1. Haha - Will do! It's about the limit of my budget anyway.

      Thanks for the well wishes, I hope I win too, so I can get a break from these two kid hooligans at home. Winning a holiday for two...never would I love it more...

  2. I am currently planning a family trip to Peru next year for my 40th. Nothing booked yet, but I have bought the Lonely Planet Peru so it's practically a done deal!

    1. Peru - that will be AMAZING!

      Sounds like that would be one heck of a set of travel immunisations though but worth it.

      Love a good travel guide book, I spend most of the trip planning, just planning which travel guide book to get...and an insane amount of googling.

      I'm going to have to google Peru now!

  3. If better be one of those girls your taking to America! Can we go to Thailand too though. I fancies me an elephant ride!

    1. Why go to Thailand, when I have a giant inflatable ELC bunny you can ride on here?