I'm off for a Sussex #NoMummyGuilt Day Out

That's right, I may just of found the mecca of all mummy days out:  A #NoMummyGuilt day out.
What is this you say and how can I get one?
Simple - Uflourish Pregnancy and Family Fair at Brighton Racecourse, Sunday 31st May 2015.
Boom, there it is. Time to get your coat and pack your nappy bag.

Just another baby fair, right? Wrong!

I know you're thinking, another baby fair - yawn...photographers that jump on you to book their baby shoot, a bag full of leaflets for the recycling when you get home and something aimed squarely at  making pregnant women haemorrhage money from their purses.
But this IS different. Heck, I'm going and I speak from experience having gone to ALOT of wedding/baby/home/insert other shows, before.
I repeat this IS different, why? Because it's more about you as the parent and helping you through your parenting journey and there is shopping. It's win-win really.
And what's more is that two Mum's have founded Uflourish, Aurelie and Naomi.
This goal from Naomi says it all about the Pregnancy and Baby Fair:
"Support, information and inspiration in one place alongside some fabulous shopping opportunities."
Here's why it's a fabulous day out with something for you, with or without the kids:

Free Parking (in Brighton)

I don't know why I am obsessed with parking. The first question I ask in going anywhere is: What is the parking like?
Maybe it's because I have a massive people carrier I need to park and try not to put another dent in?
Maybe it's because I like to flop out of the car with kids in tow and then be within 'bundling them back' in distance when they go cra-cra later?
Whatever the reason, this place is out of town at the Brighton Racecourse and there is FREE parking. Holler! FREE PARKING IN BRIGHTON!
You can even drive to the seafront after for some Fish & Chips.

The Most Useful Seminars Ever

No flower arranging or 56 uses for lemons here. 
I honestly want to go to ALL of them, but I can't as I have shopping to fit in too.
They have been helpfully split into pregnancy & baby and Parenting. So many baby shows just focus on pregnancy, so I was almost doing a carlton dance at the range of workshops for us sprogged out parents.
I've put a little * next to the ones I'm going to if your interested. I'm only not staying longer because my life is still governed by naptime.
Pregnancy & Baby Room – Owners & Trainers Room
TimeWorkshopHosted By
10.15am – 10.45amThe Naturopath kitchen workshop – understanding the seven principles of nutrition during pregnancy  Clare Froberg from The Float Spa
10.50am – 11.30amThe Seven Secrets to Better Baby Sleep*  Sarah Ockwell Smith
11.35am – 12.15pmHow to help your crying, upset, colicky, not sleeping baby  Christian Bates from Calming Colic
12.20pm – 12.35pmBreastfeeding – getting off to a good start.  Dee from Birth Baby & You
12.40pm –12.55pmBaby CPR  Dee from Birth Baby & You
1.00pm – 1.40pmThe Calm Birth School positive birth workshop  Suzy & Hollie from The Calm Birth School
1.45pm – 2.15pmStrengthen body, mind and soul with MamaCore and MamaFit  Kirsty from Balance & Vitality
2.20pm – 3.00pm40 days after birth; rest, rejuvenation and bonding  Lucy from Mother’s Bliss
Parenting Room – Paddock Room
TimeWorkshopHosted By
10.15am – 10.45amThe New Mum’s Guide to Getting Your Body Back*  Anthony Pushkin from PW Physique
10.50am – 11.20amTreasure Baskets, what are they and how to create one  Each Peach Childcare
11.25am – 11.55pmUnderstanding Toddler Tantrums and how you can help them*  Anna Ashley from Toddler Calm
12.00pm – 12.40pmThe mum’s survival guide – Strategies for: not just surviving, but thriving!*  Vivienne Smith fromPersonal Breakthrough Coaching
12.45pm – 1.45pmDrawing and story fun  Guy Parker-Rees, best-selling illustrator ofGiraffes Can’t Dance
1.50pm – 2.20pmSplashtime Talks  Water Babies
2.25pm – 3.00pmThe Benefits of Free Play: Inside and Out  Jasmin Brackenfield from Brighton Steinerschool

Sarah Ockwell Smith

So good, she needs her own paragraph. The Goddess of Babycalm and sleep herself is going to be there and giving you the seven secrets of baby sleep in a rare workshop.
*Gets coat again...realises already has it...realises needs more sleep...realises NEEDS to go to this seminar*
If you don't know who she is, she has been given the crown of parenting expert for her books (Babycalm, Toddlercalm and The Gentle Sleep Book) that outline the science behind baby sleep (or lack thereof) and gives you oodles of reassurance that this is NORMAL. I'm sure there will be parents queuing up, just to give her a hug of thanks. 
If you need another reason why she is excellent - she has four kids and has built up a parenting revolution with her 'calm' series and classes. 'Nuff said.


Look at that list of workshops - stuff for you and the kids. Even that stuff that's more for 'me' time will help you feel like a more able parent.
A must-do for the kidlets is Guy Parker-Rees, best-selling illustrator ofGiraffes Can’t Dance, Drawing and story fun - they will love you for this. Serious anti-mummy guilt points here.
And then have you seen the list of exhibitors? Everything from boutique shops to therapists, fitness and classes. There are photographers, but ruddy good ones.
You don't need to feel that a day out to a fair is more for you than them. It's to help support you as a parent, which make this fair so different to others. And there's some shopping.

Facilities Checklist

Baby change - Check
Loos - Check
Cash machine - Check (does charge for use, so remember your cash)
Card readers - some stallholders do and some don't, so bring cash.
Disabled access and Loos - Check
Baby feeding area - Check
Café - Check (always make sure there is access to tea!)
In Sussex - Check (only the best place ever)
All the makings of a brilliant venue and day out.

Ticks my Doctor Boxes

With workshops on CPR, colic, breastfeeding and getting your fitness back, this ticks all my doctor boxes.
There's therapists, parentskool, baby whispering and childcare providers (which being a working mum is top on my list at the moment).
If you can get in to it, definitely go to the CPR one. This is an absouletly fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of something that could be lifesaving for you child.


...If you're in Sussex this weekend, holidaying or you're a local, then pop along.
Entry is a bargain £2 and if you pre-register/pre-purchase your ticket you can enter the fantastic competition to win thousands of pounds worth of prizes.

You'll also be supporting these local mum's in their fledgling new business and local businesses in the area. Oh and then there's the shopping and chance to focus on yourself for a change.
Be informed and inspired - come along!
If you can't make this one - there are two more fairs planned:
Chichester College Sunday 28th June 2015
Worthing Assembly House Sunday 19th July 2015
*The views in the post are all my own. I have been asked by Uflourish to help promote the event in exchange for them letting me have priority access to the event. But I really want to go anyway!
 This guy's coming too....
Who else is up for coming? Any Sussex Bloggers got it noted down in their diaries already?

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  1. Love the workshops. Finally a baby show with helpful ones. Totally get the annoyance at the myriad of photographers at many others. Thanks for sharing with #FamilyTested x

    1. Yes they were fab (just went to the show today). Definitely a show thought out by mum's who know what would be good at a baby/family show. They have another in Worthing and Chichester - if your free, you up for it? I'm desperate to show you some lush stuff I found today!

  2. I am bloody miles away but this DOES sound really awesome!! The seminars (love anything with the words guilt free!) all sound fab and did someone say shopping? I'm obsessed with parking too btw ;) Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx