Sussex Families Love...Magnus & Mouse Nursery Bedding (Review)

Oh my, I'm going to have an affair....with the lustable Nursery bedding from Magnus & Mouse.

50 shades of grey these sheets ain't...more like 50 shades of organic baby bedding heaven!

Beautifully packaged, and drool-worthy fitted cot bed sheet in 'Cloudy Day' design
Nothing Cuter Than These Chubby Fingers On This Gorgeous Soft Organic Bedding.
AND if you want to see these sheets 'in action' spot them in this weekly Vlog by The Giggles Family. Also soon to be featured in their monthly product roundup vlog.

I'll just leave you with all of that for a moment...

...Right now that love mopped up that drool and contained your nursery lust, I'll tell you a bit about this delectable bedding from Magnus and Mouse.

I first spotted there designs when I went to the Uflourish Pregnancy and Family Fair and I just could not stop thinking about them. Lucky for me (and little Bobcat) we got to try the cot bed fitted sheet my favourite design 'Cloudy Day.' And they are from Sussex, so what a perfect way to start my 'Sussex Families Love...' reviews.

Look, even Bobcat loves Them!
Let's face it, baby sheets are pretty dull normally, mainly coming in white, sometimes fitted, sometimes terry.
This is where the owners of Magnus and Mouse came up with their concept to put gender neutral gorgeous prints onto their 100% organic bedding.
With guidelines that we all know about to help keep baby safe in a cot (bumpers, loose bedding and toys discouraged) a cot can be a pretty bland place. But do not despair Magnus & Mouse are here!
Look at the perdy designs...

Delectable Array of designs : Pineapples, Kite tails, Lions, Elephants & Clouds...
(Picture credit: Magnus & Mouse)

We love these because:

  • The SOFTEST of SOFTEST 100% organic baby bedding - what more could you want for your delicate babies skin?
  • When it washes, it gets even softer...and we all know we all need some motivation to do that mountain of washing that comes with kids! AND they wash well (and I should know as I have a very vomity baby so his sheets get washed a lot!)
  •  They come in matching blankets and baby bundles - perfect gift (particularly surprise gender babies) and also keepsake. I wish I knew about them before I had Bobcat as I would of got the matching blanket too. 
  • Serious nursery eye candy for parents and with gender neutral designs - I loved the cloudy days design and was so pleased that it looked great in a boys cot (boys cute stuff is sadly lacking on the market - thank you Magnus and Mouse for providing something for da boys!)
  • Simply, yet beautifully packaged
  • They are stocked variety of sizes. We have an Ikea cot bed size, which this sheet had a generous fit on (but then Ikea cots mattresses come up a little smaller than the standard) so will also fit those deeper mattresses and toddler beds.
  • You can match it in with your sleep sack. I really wanted to get a picture of my son in his hot air balloon & aeroplane sleep sack  on the cloudy day sheet but it would of been a #parentingfail to wake him up whilst taking a picture!
  • A local business run by two mums with passion and style with an easy to use website to order from.
  • Reasonably priced gorgeousness at £28 for a blanket and prices from £22 for a fitted sheet (even more reasonable if you use the discount code below....!)
  • Fantastic easy, safe way to dress up the cot. These were perfect for me as I have moved a lot for work into different rented houses the past few years, they are a great way of putting your own mark on the nursery without committing to redecoration too.
Here's a Little Treat for you...
  • And the best reason of all is that they have given us a discount code to get 10% off your order with them - just use the code: Newbaby10 at Magnus & Mouse

Thank you and Goodnight
Magnus & Mouse gave us the Cloudy Day cot Bed fitted sheet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


Let it be known, we LOVE Sussex and all its loveliness! If you have a product or day out you would like us to try or see if we can help promote, please contact us to see if we can help. Anything for my Sussex peeps! *Tries to fangle some kind of Sussex gang sign but just looks a bit 'mum' doing it*
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The Perfect Father's Day Gift: A 'Cornwall Detox & Colonic':

"My tummy feels hot, Mummy." My son declares in the car.
"Oh, it's just the sun. It's a hot day, darling." I reply back, in complete ignorance to my son's statement.
"BLEUGGGGHHHHHHHH!" spouts pink raspberry jam tinged vomit out of his mouth.

Right, so, just for the record, if your child vaguely declares something a bit odd, it may means that they are about to vomit lurid coloured sick all over your people carrier.

Of course, there we clues to this illness on our summer holiday to Cornwall from the first day:
Innocent hot tub or emesis inducer?

After my first dip in the hot tub I felt rather sicky. But of course that was probably just because I spent way over the allotted amount of time in there as stipulated by the instructions (and consumed half a bottle of wine, also as stipulated not to do, in the instructions).
Or was it the perfect body temperature that the hot tub bubbled away at just breeding some little vom bugs? No, no, it was chlorinated so they should all of had a group genocide party in the tub. 

I mentioned it to my mum.
"It's the different water here." She said knowingly.
Of Course - It was the Cornish water! Well known for cholera infested water...or is it the same water that has been rigorously processed at water treatment plants like the rest of the UK?

How Not To Be a D**k In a Lift

I thought I'd start a new series on 'how not to be a d**k...'

I'm sure you can fill in the starred out blanks. Yes, that's right it's' duck'.
 What a duck!
Like all my series, it may only last a week or two until I get distracted by something else. Though I do encounter my fair share of ducks in day to day life, so who knows maybe it'll be the start of something. It may be ducking awesome.

So lifts eh? Let's get started on how to be the perfect lift partner (if you are American, I am talking about elevators and trying to not be condescending when I say that) with lift etiquette, then maybe the world will be a happier place.

How To Queue For The Lift

Remember, you are British (if you are not, just humour me); the queuing system is sacred to your cultural roots. Here the normal rules of queuing apply:

  • If you are at the front, you get to press the button and be first in.
  • If you are anywhere behind the person in front, you can assume they are waiting for the lift, hence enter the lift behind them.
  • If you want to create intra-lift tension (general huffing and puffing from your lift comrades without actually addressing the issue), then you push in front, by just blindly wading in front of the person waiting for the lift when the doors open. However, just be aware if you do this, you have simply shot yourself in the foot as you are now in the back of the lift to exit. Ah-ha, got you there, you little queue-jumper!
I just had a flashback here of the lifts at Covent Garden tube station -you know the ones.
Possibly THE best place to see huffy-puffy British lift rage. If you haven't had the pleasure of this station's lift system, imagine taking a herd of wandering cows (tourists), interspersed with feral cats (Londoners) , then try to funnel them all into moving box. I'll just leave you with that.
By the way, do NOT take the stairs here, you will only spite yourself. Trust me I have tried the stairs here, where I found that I am very unfit and that I have a fear of heights. Of course take the stairs if there is a fire, I don't want you all jumping into a burning lift like lemmings.

How to spend your sunday (at Uflourish Pregnancy & Family Fair Brighton)

The Wake Up

Picture this typical Sunday morning scene:

You've been up since 5.30am (and up around 3-4 times in the night with night feeds). Your mind drifts back to pre-children times but then a chubby finger pokes you back into reality and screams "want Teletubbies DD now!". Your hands frantically search under the duvet, in bed crevices and in the bedside drawer..."where is the blinking* remote?" Avoiding having to open your eyes or get out of bed.

The small fugitive that snuck into your pillowed fortress in the small hours is now astride the baby shouting "dance magic dance, Jump baby jump!" You regret your poorly thought out film choice for the 3 year old the previous day of The Labyrinth.**

Rain streams down the window. The stark realisation emerges from behind the storm clouds on the grizzly Sussex morning.... I'm going to have to go to the dark underworld of soft play.

But wait, wasn't there something different about today?

This was Sunday 31st May 2015.

All the #NoMummyGuilt moons had aligned.

This was the highly anticipated day of the Uflourish Pregnancy and Family fair.

Just a taster of the fair haul (Usborne books purchased by myself)

Which I think we can all agree was a much better prospect than going to a preschool rammed soft play session. Plus I got to leave toddler firstborn at home and just bring the baby.

*Swear word substituted for more suitable word.
**Some of these happens may be exclusive to the goings on at my house.

What to Watch on TV - Parent Style

Of course, now you're off on maternity leave, you're watching lots of great tele, right?

Now your a SAHM/D you are kicking your feet up in the evening, chillin' to the latest reality show, right?
And you working parents, you get the best of both worlds right - both 'Beebies and box sets?

Right? Right....?


I was going to tell you the must see programmes to watch.
The reality trash to while away your mat leave with.
The emotional leaky boob making dramas.
The criminal series that will have you chomping at the bit.
And the sexy ones that have you clearing the kids out of the living room and wondering if you'll ever have the energy again to do that.

But that would be hypocritical as after trawling up and down the stairs to put two to bed, who just in turn wake each other up again, this is what I have been watching... AKA The Parents' Guide To TV:


Show 1: 'The Blue Goddess'

At 7.47pm, I crumple into the sofa to face the Blue Goddess (the shut down CBeebies screen).
So called as she has been there all day for me with her preschool charming beauty and I have unsuccessfully tried to turn off the TV by just jamming my pudgy postnatal fingers into all the remote buttons. The blue goddess likes an early night and turned herself off at 7 to reveal her azure glow.
Lucky bitch.