Sussex Families Love...Magnus & Mouse Nursery Bedding (Review)

Oh my, I'm going to have an affair....with the lustable Nursery bedding from Magnus & Mouse.

50 shades of grey these sheets ain't...more like 50 shades of organic baby bedding heaven!

Beautifully packaged, and drool-worthy fitted cot bed sheet in 'Cloudy Day' design
Nothing Cuter Than These Chubby Fingers On This Gorgeous Soft Organic Bedding.
AND if you want to see these sheets 'in action' spot them in this weekly Vlog by The Giggles Family. Also soon to be featured in their monthly product roundup vlog.

I'll just leave you with all of that for a moment...

...Right now that love mopped up that drool and contained your nursery lust, I'll tell you a bit about this delectable bedding from Magnus and Mouse.

I first spotted there designs when I went to the Uflourish Pregnancy and Family Fair and I just could not stop thinking about them. Lucky for me (and little Bobcat) we got to try the cot bed fitted sheet my favourite design 'Cloudy Day.' And they are from Sussex, so what a perfect way to start my 'Sussex Families Love...' reviews.

Look, even Bobcat loves Them!
Let's face it, baby sheets are pretty dull normally, mainly coming in white, sometimes fitted, sometimes terry.
This is where the owners of Magnus and Mouse came up with their concept to put gender neutral gorgeous prints onto their 100% organic bedding.
With guidelines that we all know about to help keep baby safe in a cot (bumpers, loose bedding and toys discouraged) a cot can be a pretty bland place. But do not despair Magnus & Mouse are here!
Look at the perdy designs...

Delectable Array of designs : Pineapples, Kite tails, Lions, Elephants & Clouds...
(Picture credit: Magnus & Mouse)

We love these because:

  • The SOFTEST of SOFTEST 100% organic baby bedding - what more could you want for your delicate babies skin?
  • When it washes, it gets even softer...and we all know we all need some motivation to do that mountain of washing that comes with kids! AND they wash well (and I should know as I have a very vomity baby so his sheets get washed a lot!)
  •  They come in matching blankets and baby bundles - perfect gift (particularly surprise gender babies) and also keepsake. I wish I knew about them before I had Bobcat as I would of got the matching blanket too. 
  • Serious nursery eye candy for parents and with gender neutral designs - I loved the cloudy days design and was so pleased that it looked great in a boys cot (boys cute stuff is sadly lacking on the market - thank you Magnus and Mouse for providing something for da boys!)
  • Simply, yet beautifully packaged
  • They are stocked variety of sizes. We have an Ikea cot bed size, which this sheet had a generous fit on (but then Ikea cots mattresses come up a little smaller than the standard) so will also fit those deeper mattresses and toddler beds.
  • You can match it in with your sleep sack. I really wanted to get a picture of my son in his hot air balloon & aeroplane sleep sack  on the cloudy day sheet but it would of been a #parentingfail to wake him up whilst taking a picture!
  • A local business run by two mums with passion and style with an easy to use website to order from.
  • Reasonably priced gorgeousness at £28 for a blanket and prices from £22 for a fitted sheet (even more reasonable if you use the discount code below....!)
  • Fantastic easy, safe way to dress up the cot. These were perfect for me as I have moved a lot for work into different rented houses the past few years, they are a great way of putting your own mark on the nursery without committing to redecoration too.
Here's a Little Treat for you...
  • And the best reason of all is that they have given us a discount code to get 10% off your order with them - just use the code: Newbaby10 at Magnus & Mouse

Thank you and Goodnight
Magnus & Mouse gave us the Cloudy Day cot Bed fitted sheet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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  1. I love the prints on the sheet and that gorgeous, smiley face sells them so well!
    Becky xx

    1. They are all so gorg! Even better in real life ( as is the smiley face too!)

  2. Oh how gorgeous are these, I love anything that comes with pretty patterns on - so much baby stuff is plain, especially sheets and blankets! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. they are super cute love the cloud design great review thanks for linking up to #kidscorner