Storming Those April Showers: Trespass Boys Rainwear Review

Ah, Britain in springtime – Bluebells out in force, the first hints of sun, visions of being set free from the central heated shackles of your home and stir crazy children frolicking in the outside…. soon quashed by the in-betweeny drizzly nature of the weather.

Somewhere between “It’s 12 degrees out, time to crack out the shorts” and  “Oh lord it just started to hail”, The Trespass boys rainwear suit comes to the waterproof rescue.

We thoroughly put this boys rainwear suit through its paces, testing on the essentials of modern day living to prove this set is not just for extreme weather, it’s for extreme toddler rearing.

Areas tested were:
  • Do I look exceedingly cute in it? (Style Factor)
  • Can I rock a scooter in it?  (Usability)
  • Does the rain still spoil my thunder? (Kid comfort & waterproofness)
  • Can I hide from an impending dinosaur attack in it? (Dino-camouflage rating)
  • Can I whip it off quickly, discarding it in the hallway like a teenager? (Ease of use and Mum’s hand free rating)

Do I look exceedingly cute?


I will elaborate:

  •  Unruffled dry cuteness fully maintained underneath from buttoned up hood – check!
  • Spaceship design on the jacket appealing to both child and mother – check
  • Fisherman style trousers with braces for those, “Awww, he’s like cute version of a little grown up” doting comments – check!
Score: 3/3

For a visual aid of cuteness, see below:

Cuteness one million

Can I rock a scooter in them?

100% YES and lots more.

Every trendy human under 4 foot tall needs to be able to whizz round on a scooter come rain or shine in comfort and maintaining some kind of aerodynamic speed.

This also means that the ‘kid going stir crazy’ rating reduces as they are released into open spaces to release some of that energy, which ensures a chain reaction of improved naptime and happy parents.

So, not only can do what would seem to be dry weather only tasks, but also there are fringe benefits <Mutters “Whoop Whoop” under breath>.

Does the rain spoil my thunder?

No, Sirree! You can also still go to the Park (though you may need to invest in your own, slightly larger set for yourself) and there are no wet bum from the slide incidents – winner!

"Yep, mum just watched me fall down the slide..."

They are light and waterproof, so the tiny guys can still bomb it around, jump in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig and fall on their behinds in rock pools on the beach. They are breathable so no sweaty-betties on de-robing afterwards.
And the set is small enough to just chuck them in your bag – so still room for the mountain of stuff that accompanies having children!

The trousers have elasticated bottoms, which fit snugly around wellies to keep out water and there are reflective stripes on the jacket and trousers so that even safety isn’t compromised.

Can I hide from an impending dinosaur attack in this?

Unfortunately no, but this is a mixed blessing.


Due to the cute spaceship pattern and reflective safety stripes, then the chance of being eaten by a dinosaur is around 80% but luckily, in modern day society, actual real-life dinosaur existence is 0%. However road safety holds a more significant weight, and these reflective stripes and bright colours are well thought out for today’s modern child.

When you get photobombed by a dinosaur

Can I whip it off quickly, discarding it in the hallway like a teenager?

YES! Nothing is starting to warm my cockles more at the moment that to see my son starting to forge his own independence.

The clips on the waders are easy to use and can independently get the trousers on and off (at 3.5 years old).
He managed to do the zip up by himself for the first time ever with this coat…. so all in all, I can forgive that he left the coat and trousers discarded in the hallway while he ran off to go and ‘reclaim’ (beat his brother up) his toys from his younger brother.

Review Summary

Not only did Trespass gift me this rainwear set to review but they gifted me the ability to be able to leave the house in the temperamental weather and have a whinge-free dry child.  Find the set here  and plenty more, if you too would like to have happy children in the British summertime.

And you can milk a cow in them, just in case you were wondering (I know you were)….

Trespass gifted me this set in exchange for an honest review. All words and pictures are my own.

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