Summer Dressing: From School Run Mum to Summer Fun

I am a complete pro at the pre-school run but I am going to have to step up my game for the ‘big’ school run i.e. try not to wear something snot stained or have yesterdays socks handing out of my trouser hems.

So, my aim is to keep in practical and make me feel good (and not dress in a variant of Meg from Meg and Mog mixed with Donatella Versace in a bid to be down with the trendy young things after being a fashion hermit for the past 4 years). I don’t know about you, but I actually used to be pretty cool when it came to fashion – I was the first to wear coloured (not pink) nail varnish from Miss Selfridge in Year 7, I wore a knitted poncho and peddle satin pushers early noughties – yes I was a trend setter.... Now for the past 4 years, I have stuck to my go-to summer items to cover up my post C-section front bumbag and to be in my comfort zone.

So, whilst I stuff that Ginger Spice Union Jack dress back into the cupboard, it's time to think school run mum run to summer fun dressing. Here you will not see a shed load of instagram style cool mum pictures dressed all in white crop tops and shorts that have half eaten your derrière as firstly, you do not want to see my real life fleshy front bum bag or my actually also fleshy bottom, but you will get some s**t-hot fashion that you feel comfortable in AND you can hoick some kids around with you in a swooshy breeze.

Keep It Real

Look, you still can’t be like the Gap advert/tampon lady galloping around on a horse in white skinny jeans and a flawless stain free pressed white shirt but, you can at least step out of the maternity leggings (NB: If you still have these its time to let them go, I know they are comfy but lets face it, if they are missing the groin and are sheer enough to show your ginormous undercrackers and they are asking, if not begging, to be laid to rest on bin day. If you can't let them go, then go here, to my tongue in cheek postnatal fashion tip post as featured in Mumsnet)
You can look pretty smoking so easily, with light summer fabrics, think flowy in the tight place (somewhere between Homer Simpson moo-moo and Kim Kardashian sausage skin tight maturity wear).
So in essence – loose around the mum tum, but not a sack, darker fabric or patterns to hide the all numerous grubby hand prints but still look like you have managed to make it out of your maternity wear (you have made it out of your maternity wear, right?).
And look I found the perfect one from a selection right here – you cannot go wrong with a shirt dress and in denim (well actually Lyocell which is better than denim as it’s light and you don’t have to iron it – sold!)

You can lounge about admiring your lawn...

 Try to do a blogger wall pose....

Or just get down with the kids and not flash your under-garments

Load Up Your Saddlebags 

You can get an iPhone, keys, and a packet of Hairbo in these.