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You found me! I'm Kerry and a junior doctor (of paediatrics), mum...you know, Jack of all trades but master of none.

Normally I can be found hiding under a thin veil of sarcasm or just hiding from the kids...otherwise I'm at work or on Facebook moaning about Jeremy Hunt.

So I've had this blog for well over a year - whilst on maternity leave I could devote a whole massive one post a week to it, and my little lovelies have CDBCI (congenital direct brain connection to the internet) - so if I'm using WIFI, they are awake and trying to prise whatever gadget I'm using from my hands...so as time went by and I went back to work, I had to reduce the blog work load. But now armed with a hatred for Hunt and a mishap laden toddler life - I'm back in action, kindof.

Initially my aim was to write helpful medical articles for parents but I got stuck in creating funnies. So now it's somewhere in between helpful and sarcastic, if that were a spectrum.

I have two little kidlet delights - Firstborn (FB) and Bobcat (BC).
FB is a 3.5 years old now - an actual preschooler. Those of you that have toddlers/preschoolers know how they are almost indescribable - 85% animal/complete buggers and 15% cute, just enough so you don't leave them in a layby on the M1.
BC is the youngest who regularly gets mawled by the older one. He's somewhere between 1-2 years old (let's face it with the second one, you stop counting).

To complete the family I have a gas man as a husband, of the medical kind, who tries to convince me he works all day but in reality I know he just flirts with midwives in exchange for Quality Street/less calls for cannulas and twiddles knobs on that gas goes in/out machine whilst updating his Facebook status. OK, OK, sometimes he saves the odd life, and then I never hear the end if it.

Small disclaimer bit: Take what I say with a pinch (sometimes heap) of salt. Maybe its being paediatric trained but I find it hard to be serious all of the time, alright, most if the time. The things I say are vastly opinion and don't replace going to see a real life doctor in person or calling NHS 111 or 999 or whatever it is you need to call to get medical advice. As I have two rampaging kids, if you have something urgent that needs answering, don't expect me to be able to fight them off the iPhone to answer it, do what you need to do and call a medical professional.
Rambling Disclaimer is here,

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