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Well, hello there and welcome to the 'Sussex Families Love...' review section!

Here you will find a summary of carefully chosen local products or days out in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.
Find all of our great reviews here. They include Magnus & Mouse, Connecta, Trespass and more. These little guys have been working with some great brands recently and there's always exciting stuff lined up.
If you have a Sussex, Surrey or Kent Family orientated product or day out you think would fit with our family (from Sussex wines to baby trends and anything in between) - then give us an email on or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

What's That You Say...

Why Chose Us To Review Your Products Or Be Part Of Your Campaign?

I really do love the most wonderful local countryside and seaside that I live near...and also the people and businesses in it. I want to bring all this loveliness to the rest of the UK and beyond (as well as enlightening everyone local to what is right on their doorstep).
I put a lot of effort into every review post to make sure it's a little different to the usual and not only contains the facts people want from a review but is also very interesting, humorous to read.
Please have a browse of my other posts, my contact me and about me section.

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