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Doctomum is Kerry, a real life Paediatric doctor and mum of two preschoolers, Firstborn & Bobcat. We live in lovely West Sussex.

I am new to this, but I was stupidly pleased that my second post was featured on Mumsnet Blogger frontpage on Feb 2015. So pleased that I probably looked like a right twonk with all the grovelling thanks I gave to Mumsnet that day over Twitter.
Just going to blow my own trumpet here... "TRUMPET!", with many more of my posts have been featured on Mumsnet and other sites. I have been post of the week on #twinklytuedays, #kidtested, #thelist and #effitfridays.
My posts have also been featured by fellow lovely bloggers such as Bottlefor2 and Little Hearts Big Love (there are more lovely bloggers who have shouted me out but its 11pm as I write this and my brain has gone pfffft, literally!)

I like to write and attempt to be 'funny haha' and not 'funny weird'  (not so good at grammar and spelling, but working on that. However I do excel at typos), so started this blog. I have spent years with my husband always stealing my jokes and passing them off at his own, so now I'm passing my own jokes off as my own and also his under the guise of this blog.
I love this writing stuff and after years of writing pretty damn good stuff (under duress) in my eportfolio (a thing all doctors are a slave too), I am now bringing my thang to the (mini)masses.

I'm particularly interested in showcasing my humour by writing things and in my new feature 'Sussex families Love' where I review all things lovely and Sussexy. Oh who am I kidding, I'm particularly interested in free holidays and cocktails. My writing style is fairly balanced (honest) and humorous but that's how I like it and my readers like it, giving honest information at this stuff called life, parenting and a dash of health thrown in.
See my 'If Toddlers Did Reviews' post for a sample of how I write reviews.

I have just started a regular post slot on Sussex Days out (see here for sample on National Cats Trust Day Out. If you have somewhere is the loveliness of Sussex you would like us to come to, please contact me.

If you would like me to write for you or think your product or brand fits with Doctomum please get in contact over the interwebs:
My email address
I'm on twitter, not really understanding the whole favourite/retweeting thing too as Doctomum
And I'm also on Faceybook as Doctomum, building up 1 follower a week. Please like my page so I can feel Facebook validated and sleep better at night.
Or I'm hiding from the kids somewhere, usually the loo.

All my work is my own, or I've pinched it from my husband with permission (I did give him two kids and occasionally wipe down the kitchen tops, hence deserve to take what I like from him), so please ask if you would like to use it and then I don't have to wrote strongly worded emails to you.

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